Testimonials for Neely Mercurio and Catherine Thibault

TESTIMONIALS for Neely Mercurio

I have received acupuncture for more than three years from NEELY for a chronic pain condition. During that time I have recovered enough strength, flexibility and enhanced my awareness of my body that I have less pain, discomfort and fatigue. I came hoping for a solution to my chronic pain (I had received cortisone shots and they did not work after a short period of time.) Working with my acupuncturist, Neely, she has come up with different acupuncture treatments for my various health issues. I feel very comfortable and relaxed in my discussions and treatments with Neely."


I highly recommend her services!

Trying to conceive was very stressful and difficult for me as  I experienced many side effects to the infertility treatments I was receiving.  I was not sure I would ever get pregnant. NEELY was very knowledgeable about what I was going through and was able to explain procedures and medications when my doctor couldn't. With her help and her acupuncture treatments I was able to get pregnant. I highly recommend her services. Sam Neely Mercurio

Neely is a gifted medical provider

I arrived at the door of Neely Mercurio's office many years ago with numbness and pain in my legs, a history of depression and anxiety, severe hot flashes, bowel problems and an inability to sleep through the night. I was 48 years old and felt like I was 80. ... Once she started treating me with needles, she always explained what she was doing before she did it and spent time educating me about acupuncture.  The fact that she was knowledgeable in both Western and Eastern medicine allowed her to discuss my illness while also helping me understand how acupuncture was helping me... I have been seeing Neely for almost 5 years now and I know for certain that her gift as an acupuncturist has changed my life.  I was able to avoid surgery on my legs, my hot flushes and menopause symptoms are gone, I manage my anxiety and depression without medication by coming for acupuncture. I am in much better health than I have ever been.  She is a gifted medical provider.  Jane

TESTIMONIALS for Catherine Thibault

I went to see Catherine for help in relieving migraine headaches. The acupuncture treatments were very helpful, relaxing and completely painless. Catherine is a professional, caring and intuitive. I highly recommend her practice.  Erin

I consider myself healed, I recommend Catherine to all my friends.

I have a very stressful job, but one that I love. Catherine's skills have allowed me to continue doing the work I love and remain healthy.  I initially came for treatments related to chronic back and arm pain from car accident injuries and I continued sessions even though I consider myself healed.  I recommend Catherine to all my friends.  Amy

Thank you

I came to Welcome Acupuncture after starting infertility treatments at Boston Medical Center and found Catherine so helpful when I was starting to loose hope. She designed a treatment plan for me coordinating with my IVF and after a few months of  acupuncture treatments I was able to conceive.  Today, I am the proud mother of a wonderful little boy.   Thank you Catherine.  Susan